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For Sellers: Before the Home Inspection

On The Money Home Inspections® has the upmost respect for your home and this list was compiled because we don’t want to end up causing any damage while we are inspecting. Performing a home inspection requires visually inspecting all areas of the home, testing appliances, etc. so it is very helpful if these items are ready for the inspection. Thank you for your cooperation!

What To Do Before the Home Inspection:

• Open All Blinds

• If blinds are closed the inspector will open them. If damage occurs to the blinds during operation, the inspector is not liable for repairs or replacement.

• Ensure the Attic Hatch Door is Easily Removed and Replaced

• If the attic hatch cannot be easily removed or does not easily slide back into place the inspector accepts no responsibility for repair.

• Ensure All Appliances are in Good Working Order

• The inspector will use normal operating controls to turn on various appliances. If the appliance does not respond repair or replacement will be recommended to the buyer in the home inspection report.

• Ensure Fireplaces and Other Appliances are Ready For Testing Using Normal Operating Controls. Home Inspectors do not light pilot lights.

• If you know of any reason the fireplace is unsafe for use, it’s your

responsibility to let everyone (the inspector, your Realtor, the buyers

Realtor) know.

Replace Dirty Furnace Filters

Remove Dishes From the Dishwasher

Remove Clothing From the Washer & Dryer

• These appliances will be tested at the time of inspection. Damage to personal items is not the responsibility of the inspector. The inspector will not remove personal items from these appliances.

Remove Everything (Except Racks) From the Oven

Ensure jetted bathtubs are clean. The water will not be drained from a dirty

bathtub nor will the inspector clean up the debris inside the tub. Dirty

bathtub water is considered a health risk to our inspectors.

Turn ON all utilities (water, gas, electrical) before the inspection.

The Home Inspector Will NOT:

Turn ON Any Water Valves

Light Any Pilot Lights

Move Furniture or Storage

Troubleshoot the Cause of Inoperative or Deficient Items

Use Tools to Access Any Area or Component of the Home

Damage anything intentionally. This may seem self evident but there are

circumstances where items are tested and fail during testing, this is why the buyer is having the home inspected so they do not find out about defective items after possession.

The Home Inspector WILL:

• Treat Your Home With Complete Respect.

After The Home Inspection:

Double check washer & dryer controls before washing your clothes as settings may be altered from your preference during testing.

The inspector will leave behind a shut off checklist that we have gone through to make every effort to put things back the way they were before the inspection.

Please contact us at 403-909-7600 before the inspection if you are aware of any inoperative equipment or anything that may pose a safety or health risk to the inspector(s) or other persons present for the home inspection.

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