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Lost Window Seals

Modern double and triple pane windows can loose the seal they were manufactured with. So, what are the implications?

First lets talk about what the seal is. The windows are manufactured with Argon gas sealed between the layers of glass with a metal or rubber peice for expansion and contraction. This gas is less dense than air and therefore slows the loss of heat from your Calgary home to the exterior during the winter, and keeps heat out in the summer cooling season. When the seal is broken the gas is lost and is sometimes replaced by moisture that works it's way into the window with the house air (which contains evaporated water) then condenses inside the panes as the temperature changes. Now it is trapped there.

This lost seal reduces the efficiency of the windows, but not by much.  Lets consider that the Argon gas has been replaced by air, still not very dense right? The main concern most people usually have is that they are now looking through a cloudy window. This is a cosmetic problem, however most will not choose to live with it for long before replacing the window. How long would you live with the window in the picture? 

We check every window possible for function and lost seals or seals that may be lost in the near future and educate you on site and add these findings to the report with pictures.  On The Money is as good as it gets!

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