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A Home Inspection Can Save Your Investment

Home inspectors can save your investments

Most of average real estate buyers are usually burdened with financial matters of purchases, which makes them to overlook other problems that may have long-term consequences.

If you're buying a house, you should always scratch below the surface where you can tumble into a whole range of problems and potential health hazards that are often behind, or below, the beautiful exterior and interior.

Comprehensive professional house inspection services can help you make a save investment and avoid purchasing a property that’s got a mold, asbestos or other IAQ problem.

Hidden problems

Variable construction standards, unprofessional remodeling and general lack of interest and lack of knowledge of this matter by the buyers and sellers have the potential to result in serious and long-term risk to the health of future tenants, especially the youngest .

Some of the most dangerous substances for your health are hidden from views, so special tests are needed to determine whether and how much the property is contaminated.

Radon gas

Radon is present in virtually all homes, but in very different concentrations. It depends primarily on the composition of the soil.

As a short-lived source of alpha radiation, radon outside our body is mostly harmless, but inhaled, it may cause damage at the level of DNA molecules, especially carcinoma. It is believed that radon, after smoking, is today the main cause of lung cancer.

As a major obstacle to the penetration of radon in our homes is the structure of the house itself. Typical concrete foundations and floor slabs of concrete, unfortunately, don’t stop the gas.

Since it’s heavier than air, it usually collects in the lowest areas, such as basements or rooms in the foundation level (crawlspace), in which, in the case of poor ventilation, can reach high concentrations.

Mold and fungus

Mold occurs on wet and cold walls in the house or apartment with high humidity where you can feel the specific odor of mold or see black dots on walls.

Tendencies for the construction of high-efficiency energy structures has led to much longer retains indoor moisture because there is no possibility that accumulates naturally.

The consequences are certainly the phenomenon of mold and contamination of the inner space which requires fast and professional reactions. Not only that destroys the quality of the house or building, exposure to mold can endanger health when airborne mold particles are inhaled.

The fungus on the walls can easily cause allergies and severe allergic reactions. In any case, the condition can worsen the health of people who already have asthma or are prone to allergies.


Asbestos fibers are very strong strength, lightweight, chemically inert, stable under atmospheric conditions, and above all - are practically non-flammable. It is easily processed and mixed with other materials. At the same time, asbestos is relatively easy to exploit, so the price of this material is quite low .

Here are just some of the elements that almost every house built, before the definitive prohibition (a certain number of years later) contains:

- Roof overlays and outer walls

- Thermal insulation

- Plaster walls and ceilings, especially those with textures

- Plumber pipes

- Stoves

- Doors, walls and ceilings

- Electrical installations (insulation), etc.

The problem is that asbestos is a major health hazard that’s capable of causing severe diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer. Even short-term exposure to asbestos can cause permanent damage to your health but still, there are places where it is not banned. That is why asbestos identification and testing is still highly recommended for high-risk products. This is particularly true for older buildings that were constructed before the health risks associated with asbestos were known.

There are also other problems that might be visible to you only after buying the house, such as problems in the attic, roof, pipes etc When you hire your own home inspector, you can be present during his work, and learn a lot about your house, including its overall condition, construction materials, wiring, and heating. If the inspector turns up major problems, then you can ask your lawyer or agent to discuss it with the seller and this way you can have safe and secure investment in real estate.

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