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10 Things I've Learned

1.  I hate child proofed homes!

2.  Cats always try to escape.

3.  Engineers ask a lot of questions.

4.  Don't set down any tools you don't want to leave in the house after it's locked up.

5.  Your missing socks are behind the dryer, not in it.

6.  I'm too tall for most utility rooms.  Bang!  Oh, don't mind that blood coming out of my head.

7.  Insulators leave a bunch of loose insulation around the attic hatch in every house.

8.  Watch out for landmines in the back yard.  It's hard to look professional with dog doo on your shoe.

9.  Touching something sticky in my house is ok, but it is NOT in someone else's house.

10.  People leave cookies for Santa but not for the home inspector?!

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