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Dryer Vent Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your dryer vent?  If it's been more than a year, it's time to take a look.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount of use the dryer gets along with the length of the dryer vent itself.  Longer vents require more frequent cleaning.  Flexible vents and vents with multiple changes of direction also require more frequent cleaning. 

If your dryer vent is only a couple of feet long, you can clean it yourself by disconnecting the dryer vent (at the back of the dryer) and vacuuming out any lint buildup.  You may also remove the small tabs from the vent cover on the exterior of the home and vacuum out the vent from the exterior if your dryer is difficult to access from inside the home.

If the vent is more than 2' or 3' long you should contact a professional duct cleaning company.  They will insert an air hose and blow all the lint buildup back out of the vent pipe.

Dryer lint is a huge fire hazard and should not be taken lightly.  If the dryer vent appears dirty or it's been a while since it's been cleaned, Clean It Out!

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